Friends separated as children meet 18 years later and get married

A woman divorced her husband, reunited with a childhood friend and played a wedding with him years and had a Viking-style wedding. This is reported by Metro.

28-year-old Madison Highland said that she had a close friend Chad as a child. Highland and Chad's parents became friends, and the families began to spend a lot of time together. After five years of close communication, the American family decided to move, and the connection between the children was cut off. At the same time, the parents continued to maintain contact. “At that age, we were at the mercy of our parents, we didn't have mobile phones, so we couldn't stay in touch,” Hyland explained.

00:02 – 16 August : October 10 – 27, 2017 “He descended from King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba” The American woman went to hang out and married a prince < p>Over the long years of separation, childhood friends managed to acquire families and children. However, in 2017, Chad divorced his wife and asked for support from Highland: he wrote to her on social networks and offered to meet. During the meeting, it turned out that the woman also divorced her husband and lives alone with the children. “As soon as we saw each other that day, it felt like we never parted. It was so natural, easy and fun, “said the American.

Soon, old acquaintances realized that they were in love with each other and began to live together. In 2019, Chad proposed to his sweetheart. Since Highland was fond of Viking culture, the lovers decided to play the wedding in the style of early medieval Scandinavian sailors.

The couple got married in the presence of 50 guests and exchanged vows. “I was a child when I met you, just a boy who dreamed of becoming your husband one day,” Chad told his beloved.

Earlier it was reported that classmates from the English city of Salisbury, Wiltshire, played Joseph and Mary in school play and got married 30 years later. The couple said they intend to have children.



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