Former director of “Uralskiye dumplings” responded to criticism of the show for unfunny numbers

Netievsky about Myasnikov's criticism of “Ural dumplings”: you need to ask the viewers personally that only TV viewers can appreciate the jokes that are heard on the air. This is how he responded to criticism of the humorous show from one of the band members Vyacheslav Myasnikov, Teleprogram reports.

The ex-director of Uralskiye Dumplings noted that everyone perceives humor in their own way. According to Netievsky, the audience should answer the question whether the band has funny numbers or not. “This is Vyacheslav's personal opinion. I believe that here you have to ask the audience personally. This should be assessed by non-professionals, “he emphasized.

Netievsky offered to find out the opinion of viewers through a survey. He also recalled that Myasnikov's career began precisely with participation in Uralskiye Dumplings.

Earlier, Myasnikov said that he had come across negative statements about the show on the Internet and partly agreed with them. According to the artist, the band members “have come up with everything they can” and touch on the same topics in the tenth round.

In addition, Vyacheslav Myasnikov explained why he and his colleague Andrei Rozhkov stopped performing with “ Ural dumplings “. It turned out that they wanted to express themselves more on stage and therefore decided to separate from the band.



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