Dr. Roshal spoke about the new threat to Russian doctors in the pandemic

Doctor Roshal: lawsuits against doctors treating COVID-19 have become a large-scale threat to healthcare

clinics treating COVID-19 have become a new large-scale threat to the Russian medical community during the pandemic. This opinion was shared by the President of the National Medical Chamber (NMP) Leonid Roshal in an interview with Lente.ru.

“The coronavirus presented another reason for receiving money from doctors – some human rights lawyers' organizations began to actively create demand for their services encouraging patients to sue medical organizations for compensation for moral damage in case of any adverse consequences in the treatment of coronavirus infection, “the doctor said.

To combat this phenomenon, Roshal proposed to establish a moratorium on prosecution of health workers in cases related to the provision of care for patients with coronavirus infection.

He also drew attention to the fact that in Russia, doctors do not have the necessary protection in the event of such problems, and proposed to create a system for their legal and insurance protection.

“When doctors have a problem abroad, they are dealt with by an insurance company, they are insured s, and the insurance company is fighting to get things right. And here the doctors themselves are looking for who will protect them. There is no doubt that legal protection and insurance of medical workers, not only doctors, should finally be created in the country, ”Roshal added.

Earlier, the Ministry of Labor proposed to extend the payment regime for doctors until the end of 2022 working in the area of ​​direct contact with patients with coronavirus.