Biden is hoarse due to the kiss of his grandson

Biden hoarse during his speech and said that his grandson

US President Joe Biden spoke hoarsely during his speech at the White House voice. The head of state admitted that his grandson infected him with a cold. The American leader's speech was broadcast by the C-SPAN TV channel.

During his speech, commenting on the unemployment data, Biden coughed several times, and at the end he had a hoarse voice. “I'm fine, I'm doing COVID tests every day. (…) I have a one and a half year old grandson with a cold, and he loves to kiss his grandfather. (…) In short, it's just a cold, “the president reassured those present.

The American leader has three grandchildren and four granddaughters, two of them were born to his youngest son, Hunter, out of wedlock.

Earlier, the US President said that he sent his children and grandchildren to the former Dachau concentration camp so that they could see the crimes of the Nazis, as well as learn about the indifference of the townsfolk who allowed the tragedy to happen.