Russians warned about the risk of being left without an apartment due to scammers

Sergei Veligodsky from Sberbank warned of the risk of homelessness due to scammers

a new type of fraud. Sergei Veligodsky, head of the cyber fraud department of Sberbank, spoke about the possible risks, Prime reports.

According to him, the attackers force people not only to take out a loan, but also to mortgage or sell housing. “And if people with us used to remain after attacks with loans, now they also remain without an apartment,” the expert said and added that for him this type of fraud is the most “incomprehensible story”. Veligodsky noted that he does not yet know what to do with this type of cybercrimes.

Earlier in November, scammers lured 16 million rubles from a Moscow resident and forced her to mortgage two apartments. The woman received a phone call and was told that they were trying to get loans for her. To prevent fraudulent activities, the woman had to arrange a loan herself and send money to a secure account. After a while, the swindlers called again – for the second time, the Muscovite took out a loan secured by two apartments.

The scammers left a resident of the Volgograd region without an apartment. The man lost his home in a new building due to the fact that the attackers forged documents for housing and resold it to a 62-year-old pensioner. A criminal case was opened against the scammers, which the prosecutor's office of the Volgograd region has already referred to the court.



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