Roshal announced the ordered nature of the case of doctors Sushkevich and Belaya

Roshal: the case of doctors Sushkevich and Belaya, accused of murdering a child, is of a custom-made nature cases against Kaliningrad doctors Elina Sushkevich and Elena Belaya, accused of the death of a newborn. This opinion was shared by a well-known doctor, president of the National Medical Chamber, Leonid Roshal, in an interview with

In the investigative actions, in the way the court sessions were held, one can clearly trace a custom-made character. It is determined by how grossly the defense's petitions were not satisfied, in that not a single specialist represented by the defense was allowed to appear in court

Leonid RoshalPresident of the National Medical Chamber

According to Roshal, the fact that, according to the materials of the case, the death of the child became known not from his relatives, but from an anonymous source, indicates the ordered nature of the case.

However, the doctor saw the most serious violations in the work of the duty officer a neonatologist who was simply not present at the birth, although this is her responsibility.

“Only after receiving information about the birth of a child, she went up to the delivery room, but the newborn was no longer there, as he was immediately transferred to the intensive care unit. Despite the serious condition of the premature baby, this neonatologist did not immediately call the team from the regional perinatal center, precious time was wasted, “he noted.

At the same time, Roshal separately emphasized that the neonatologist's spouse is one of the judges Kaliningrad court, which may have a direct impact on the course of the case.

The husband of this doctor is a judge of the Kaliningrad court. And I'm talking about this directly

Leonid RoshalPresident of the National Medical Chamber

Former acting chief physician of the maternity hospital No. 4 in Kaliningrad, Elena Belaya, and the resuscitator-anesthesiologist of the regional perinatal center, Elina Sushkevich, are accused of killing a premature baby. According to the investigation, in 2018 they injected the infant with a lethal dose of magnesium sulfate. According to the investigation, this was motivated by the fact that in this way they did not want to spoil the statistics of the maternity hospital on unaccompanied babies, presenting everything as death during childbirth.

In December 2020, the jury acquitted Sushkevich and Belaya, since considered unproven the very fact of the crime.

However, in May 2021, this verdict was canceled by the first appellate court of general jurisdiction, as the court found violations. For example, one of the jurors was a man previously convicted of intentional crimes, who, according to the law, had no right to occupy this post.

In August 2021, the case was transferred to the Moscow Regional Court, which in October took Belaya and Sushkevich under custody for three months.