Colonel of the US Air Force acknowledged the effectiveness of the Russian “Shell”

Colonel of the USAF: “Pantsir” complex is effective against cruise missiles and bombs other guided munitions, writes the director of the program for the concepts of the future and assessments of military potential of the Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Research, retired US Air Force (Air Force) Colonel Mark Ganzinger.

The expert acknowledged the effectiveness of the Russian Tor complexes, “ Tunguska “,” Pantsir “and based on them Chinese systems against low-flying target aircraft, cruise missiles, anti-radar missiles and bombs. “These short-range weapons are fully integrated with electronic warfare systems and long-range anti-aircraft missile systems,” the author assures.

In July, Ganzinger, in an article published by Defense News, predicted NATO defeat in the war with Russia and China and explained the reasons this phenomenon. In his opinion, the Pentagon has chosen the wrong strategy for the development of the armed forces. The expert expressed confidence that the United States would not have enough strength to repel an attack by an equal adversary, defend the country and deter a nuclear strike. According to him, success in the war with Russia and China requires a strong army capable of leading an offensive deep into enemy territory and delivering large-scale and accurate strikes.