#MYVMESTE Forum Discussed Support for Volunteerism by Governors of the New Wave

Volunteering was discussed at the # WEVMESTE forum by the governors of the new wave regions of Russia and the best practices of the new wave governors. This was reported in a press release received by Lenta.ru.

The Governor of the Murmansk Region Andrey Chibis, Head of the Department of Regional Programs of the EISI Daria Kislitsyna and Deputy Chairman of the Commission for Development of the Public Chamber of Russia took part in the discussion economy and corporate social responsibility Olga Golyshenkova.

Kislitsyna noted that the pandemic contributed not only to the rise of the volunteer movement, but also to the adoption of managerial decisions for its long-term development. “By helping volunteer associations, the authorities automatically created conditions for their further development, introduced mechanisms to ensure that these institutions would continue to operate after the victory over COVID-19,” she stressed and spoke about federal and regional measures to support volunteering.

Andrey Chibis, in turn, spoke about the experience of partnership between the authorities and youth in the Murmansk region, where grant support for young people is being actively implemented in various areas: in culture, sports, and healthcare. “In the crisis moment of a pandemic, force majeure and emergencies, we saw the most important thing: volunteering and volunteering in our region – not on paper in reports, but in real life,” he said.

Olga Golyshenkova at the end of the discussion, she noted the importance of cooperation between the authorities and civil society, building trust between them.