Ivanov: Russia and China are not planning to create any military alliance

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GUYAN/China /, July 10./ITAR – Russia and China do not plan to create any military alliance. This was announced to journalists by the head of the presidential administration of the Russian Federation Sergei Ivanov. He noted that relations between the two countries are actively developing, including in the field of military-technical cooperation. “But at the same time, I do not see any point – and the Chinese side also does not see any point – in creating a new military alliance, union or something like that,” Ivanov said.

The Kremlin spokesman stressed that Russia's interaction with China is “not directed against anyone.” He also noted that no one aims to turn the SCO into a military organization.

“The goal of creating a military organization out of the SCO is never set and will never be set, I want to assure you of this,” Ivanov said. However, he questioned the effectiveness of military blocs in the modern world.

“And what, NATO was able to stabilize the situation in Afghanistan for 13 years? No. chaos is multiplying, “said a Kremlin spokesman. “If someone thinks that chaos can be controlled, then he is deeply mistaken,” concluded Ivanov, noting that his words have been confirmed over and over again by practice.

Prospects for the sale of S-400 complexes to China

Ivanov did not rule out that China will become the first foreign state to receive the S-400 Triumph long-range and medium-range anti-aircraft missile systems. “The chances that China will be the first foreign buyer are high,” the head of the Russian presidential administration told reporters, recalling that the Russian army is already receiving the first S-400 complexes.

Speaking about the military-technical cooperation of the two countries, Ivanov mentioned not only the existing, but also the promising contracts. “There are promising contracts, for example, for the supply of S-400 air defense systems. But their implementation will take several years, at least, such equipment is simply impossible to produce in six months,” the head of the Kremlin administration added.

Prospects for mutual settlements in national currencies < p>The transition of the Russian Federation and China to mutual settlements in national currencies is possible, but not in the near future, Ivanov also said. He noted that there are already a number of contracts that occupy only a small share in the trade between the Russian Federation and China, where settlements are carried out in yuan and rubles.

” But this is a very small (share), because it is simply impossible to do it at once. This is about the same as to simultaneously refuse Visa and MasterCard services and switch to our own payment system. There are plans, we are for this we strive, but this cannot be done in one year, “Ivanov said.

“Therefore, there is political will, there are instructions on this score from the leaders of the two states to do this gradually, without jeopardizing mutual trade,” said the head of the Russian presidential administration.

Cooperation in the Far East

Russia and China do not intend to create a geographically delineated single economic zone in the Far East, Sergei Ivanov emphasized.

“There are no plans to create a certain geographically delineated zone or region,” he said, commenting on the proposal to form a single economic zone of the two countries in the Far East.

In his opinion, the corresponding words of the Deputy Chairman of the PRC at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum could be misunderstood.

During his speech at the forum in St. Petersburg in May, Vice President of the People's Republic of China Li Yuanchao proposed to form economic zones “Silk Road” and “Maritime Silk Road” in the XXI century in order to expand the scale and level of cooperation between countries for the sake of achieving mutual benefits and joint development.

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