Described the danger of printers

Security experts warned of high risk of hacking printers

Office printing equipment can be used to hack just like a regular computer. This is reported by the TechRadar edition.

Media experts noted that cybercriminals often exploit printers to hack and steal user data. As an example, the authors mentioned the vulnerabilities CVE-2021-39237 and CVE-2021-39238, which can be used to attack users of HP printers. According to experts, about 150 brand models can be hacked using the described vulnerabilities.

As a warning, the authors noted the harm that hackers can do. When connecting remotely to office equipment, there is a high risk of using a compromised device as a starting point for an attack. In this case, the virus can freely move around the corporate network and infect employees' computers.

Since the entry point, as a rule, cannot be determined, the consequences of a hack can be difficult to eliminate. In case of determining the fact of external influence, experts advise disconnecting printers from computers and connecting them to a separate VLAN-network with a firewall.

At the end of November, Italian experts found out that tens of thousands of printers can be hacked remotely, using the ignorance of users. This becomes possible if an open TCP port is found on the office equipment.