The author of “Lovely Bones” apologized to the man who served her for her rape

Alice Siebold apologized to the man who was unfairly accused of raping her Her appeal appeared on the Medium website.

The man was unfairly accused of raping the author of The Lovely Bones, after which he spent 16 years in prison. He was acquitted in November of this year.

“I am most sorry that the life you could have lived was unfairly taken from you, and I know that no amount of apology can change what happened to you. Of the many things I wish for you, most of all I hope you and your family have the time and privacy to heal from this, ”Siebold wrote.

She added that the identity of her rapist , in all likelihood, will never be revealed. Unlike Broadwater, he will not be punished.

According to BBC News, in 1997, Siebold published the book “Happy”, in which she told about the rape that took place in 1981. A few months later, she saw a black man on the street who resembled a criminal who attacked her, and went to the police.

From 1982 to 1998, Broadwater was in prison. After his release, he remained on the register of sex offenders. A retrial in November this year showed that he was convicted on the basis of insufficient evidence.



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