Salma Hayek starred in a swimsuit with a cleavage in the pool and thrilled fans

Salma Hayek shared a photo in a Gucci swimsuit and delighted fans with her look … She shared the corresponding photo on her Instagram page.

The 55-year-old celebrity was captured in the pool with wet hair in a one-piece black swimsuit from the luxury brand Gucci with a deep neckline. Her image is complemented by a large ring. Hayek holds a glass of soft drink in his hand. The publication received more than 1.4 million likes.

Fans appreciated the appearance of the actress and began to write compliments in the comments. “Sexy”, “You look amazing!”, “The most beautiful woman with incredible eyes and breasts”, “Perfection”, “Salma always looks just perfect,” they admired.

Hayek was shamed online in October. for her candid image at the Los Angeles premiere of The Eternals. She came out in a black tight-fitting dress, which was decorated with a deep neckline and a slit at the thigh. “What is she teaching her daughter? Show your breasts and you will be popular? ” – scolded her netizens.



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