In Ukraine, they called a way to make the country successful

Ex-deputy of Rada Muraev: Ukraine needs to change the governance model named a way that will help make the country successful. In his opinion, for this it is necessary to change the governance model in the state.

“Ukraine is successful if it is rich, Ukraine will have a strong army, if we earn money for this army, but for now we are at war with each other, then it is simply impossible to talk about any future, “the politician said.

He noted that investors and workers are fleeing Ukraine, so it is necessary to agree on conditions suitable for all regions of the country, including Donbass. Muraev believes that each region should have the maximum degree of freedom within the framework of territorial integrity, as well as a veto on the adoption of stupid decisions that discriminate against any of the groups of citizens. The ex-Rada deputy stressed that this can be achieved thanks to a bicameral parliament, where the House of Representatives will have the right to veto any decisions.

Earlier, Muraev called President Volodymyr Zelenskyy a hostage of the West. He assures that he is being blackmailed and may be forced to launch an offensive on Donbass, which, in turn, will lead to a full-scale war.



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