Poland has banned outsiders from being present on the border with Belarus until March 1

The & nbsp; territory on which the ban was imposed corresponds to the one on which & nbsp; was previously declared a state of emergency due to & nbsp; attempts by migrants from the & nbsp; Belarusian side to break through the & nbsp; border. According to the orders published on the & nbsp; website of the collection of laws of Poland, the carrying of any type of weapon is also prohibited on this territory.

A separate document expands the list of special means that are on the & nbsp; armament of the Polish Border Guard: for & nbsp; electroshock, tear knapsack tools are added to grenades and & nbsp; other means of delivery of de-building substances.

During the & nbsp; time of the adoption of amendments to the & nbsp; Polish border law, the Sejm (lower house of parliament) rejected amendments to the Senate (upper house), which & nbsp; would allow journalists to freely stay in & nbsp; restricted areas. According to & nbsp; entered into force & nbsp; law, reporters must obtain permission from the & nbsp; head of the border service.

The migration crisis arose at & nbsp; the border of Belarus and & nbsp; three countries & nbsp; EU (Poland, Lithuania and & nbsp; Latvia) because of & nbsp; Middle Eastern refugees who want to get into the & nbsp; European Union. Brussels accuses Minsk of deliberately creating a crisis situation. The USA, Poland and & nbsp; Great Britain also blame & nbsp; what happens on & nbsp; Russia.