Number of antibodies to protect against coronavirus named

Infectionist Timakov: a 300 BAU antibody titer guarantees to avoid a severe form of COVID-19 -Medicine “Evgeny Timakov said what kind of analysis helps to understand the degree of protection of the body against coronavirus. He named the number of antibodies that guarantees the avoidance of a severe form of COVID-19, writes radio Sputnik.

Timakov stressed that the antibody titer is 300 BAU (binding antibody units) – arbitrary units in which the number of antibodies is measured according to the World Health Organization (WHO), ensures that the patient does not end up in a serious condition after being infected with the delta strain.

“500 BAU ensures that a person does not contract a symptomatic coronavirus infection. But this does not mean that a person who has less than 300 BAU antibodies should become seriously ill. Each organism is individual, “Timakov emphasized.

The doctor added that in a regular laboratory it is impossible to separately examine the presence of antibodies that can effectively neutralize the coronavirus. The translation of the result of one analysis into the BAU system will help to understand how reliable a person's immune defense against coronavirus is.

Earlier, biologist Ancha Baranova announced the threat of the emergence of antibody-resistant strains of coronavirus. She stated that weaker variations of COVID-19 cannot spread and become more frequent at this time.



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