In Germany, assessed the tests of Russia anti-satellite system

The German Foreign Ministry said that the Russian anti-satellite tests are fraught with escalation November 15, as “irresponsible and destructive actions.” This is stated on the website of the German department. They said that such “irresponsible behavior is fraught with miscalculations and escalation,” and also pointed to the growing risks and threats to security and stability in space. According to the department, as a result of the Russian tests, a lot of debris appeared, which for a long time will complicate “the free and unhindered use of space by all countries.” In addition, additional risks may arise for astronauts and cosmonauts on the ISS. Earlier, accusations against Russia because of the tests were voiced at the White House. The administration of US President Joe Biden also promised that they would seek with the allies a response to these actions of Moscow. On November 15, Russia conducted tests that hit the

US universities convicted of discrimination against men

Professor Perry: US universities give women more educational benefits US universities host many discriminatory programs in which only women can participate. Professor of the University of Michigan-Flint, economist Mark Perry in an interview with “” caught American educational institutions of discrimination against men. The scientist said that the universities of the United States provide much more advantages to women and members of minorities. We are talking about scholarships, grants, research funding, cash aid, which the male part of the campus cannot apply for. Perry concluded that there are very hypocritical double standards in modern higher education. “The administration does not tolerate discrimination against women, but approves and actually sanctions discriminatory programs against men,” he stressed. The scientist noted that, on average, American universities have 60-70 special scholarships for girls, and most often none for young people. On August 30, it became known that the British Metro Police Department will create

The explosion killed the former assistant to the Minister of Finance of Russia

Baza: Former Assistant to the Minister of Finance Mikhail Korobkin died from an explosion in Volgograd Mikhail Korobkin. Baza informs about it. The incident occurred on November 15. According to preliminary information, the man tried to saw through a certain object, which eventually exploded. It is known that Korobkin was a collector of weapons, cartridges for weapons of the Great Patriotic War and gunpowder were found in his house. Mikhail Korobkin was an assistant to the head of the Ministry of Finance Anton Siluanov until 2019. In In October, it was reported that a 56-year-old resident of Saratov died while sawing an artillery shell with a grinder on the adjacent territory of his private property. Rescuers and doctors who arrived at the scene could not save the Russian, he died on the spot from his wounds.

Zhytomyr court summons Zuckerberg over two-ruble case

The court in the Zuckerberg region of Ukraine called Zuckerberg as a co-defendant in the case of one hryvnia to the consideration of the case for compensation for moral damage. writes about this. This is a civil suit filed by the head of Zhytomyr Ivan Korud against local politician Aleksey Kravchuk. He demands to recognize the statements of his opponent on the social network as defaming honor, dignity and business reputation, and to recover one hryvnia (a little more than two rubles) from the defendant. Korud requested to involve the owner of the Facebook website as a co-defendant in the proceedings. a resident of the United States of America residing at Willow Rd, Menlo Park, CA, 94025. If the main defendant is found guilty, the court will oblige Zuckerberg to delete all of Kravchuk's statements on his page. On October 27, former servants of Mark Zuckerberg and his wife

Saakashvili turns yellow due to hunger strike

Saakashvili's companion Dekanoidze: the ex-president has lost a lot of weight, he has a yellow complexion for the heads. A member of the opposition United National Movement, Khatia Dekanoidze, spoke about this on the air of the Ukraine 24 TV channel after her visit to the politician, RIA Novosti reports. A companion of the former head of state noted that Saakashvili is getting weaker and thinner every day. She stressed that she began to worry about the ex-head of state, because as early as Thursday, November 11, Saakashvili was holding out. “And today we talked for a very, very long time, and during our conversation he was so weak that he stopped and we could not continue until he had additional strength,” Dekanoidze said. In addition, she said that the former president had very poor blood counts, low potassium, tachycardia and tremors. The politician's companion also added that the prisoners,

In Russia, scammers began to cash in on anti-vaccines

In Telegram channels, scammers sell fake vaccination certificates for 4-6 thousand rubles as well as the number of scammers who profit from anti-vaccines. Sellers offer to obtain an illegal document and issue a QR code on the State Services, URA.RU reports According to the portal, hundreds of channels began to appear on Telegram, where fraudsters sell an “officially registered” QR code. This service costs from four to six thousand rubles. For two thousand rubles, sellers offer PCR tests, which will allegedly be taken into account in the databases of medical clinics, and a fake vaccination withdrawal from them can be bought for 3 thousand. One of these Telegram channels has more than 100 thousand subscribers. At the same time, Internet communications specialist Arseny Kamyshev states that the advertising post has only 8 thousand views, and this is disproportionate to the declared number of subscribers. To purchase a fake document, you

Record US inflation sparks concern at Pentagon

Defense One: Pentagon Prepares for Arms Cost Rise Amid Record Inflation years of inflation in the US. The portal Defense One writes about this. According to the sources of the publication, the rate of inflation is forcing the Pentagon leadership to prepare for higher wages and an increase in the cost of weapons. As Robert Hale, who worked as the agency's auditor during Barack Obama's presidency, explained, higher inflation will cause contractors to pay their employees more. In turn, this means that weapons prices will also rise. Defense companies that have already faced supply chain problems due to the COVID-19 pandemic also warned that inflation could lead to an increase in the cost of weapons on some current and future contracts. At the same time, Pentagon financial inspector Mike McCord noted that this will not happen overnight. Last week it became known that the consumer price index in the United

Оумуамуа снова озадачил ученых

Загадочный межзвездный объект 1I/Оумуамуа, прилетевший в Солнечную систему извне, снова оказался не тем, чем его считали астрономы. В новом исследовании астрофизики из Гарварда утверждают, что Оумуамуа — это вовсе не «азотный айсберг», сообщает Live Science. Странный пришелец в форме сигары, летевший со скоростью 92 тысячи километров в час, был открыт 19 октября 2017 года на основе данных телескопа Pan-STARRS. Сперва его посчитали кометой, но спустя неделю переклассифицировали в астероид. Наблюдения за 1I/Оумуамуа подтвердили, что он никогда не был связан гравитационно с Солнечной системой и, вероятно, является первым межзвездным объектом, открытым астрономами. Ученые до сих пор не знают, что заставило 1I/Оумуамуа ворваться в Солнечную систему, а также из чего состоит этот объект. В марте 2021 года астрофизики из Аризонского университета заявили, что выяснили состав «пришельца». Они утверждали, что 1I/Оумуамуа — это кусок азотного льда, оторвавшийся от планеты, похожей на Плутон, где-то за пределами Солнечной системы. Теперь ученые из Гарварда отрицают эту гипотезу. Они утверждают, что во Вселенной недостаточно азотного льда, чтобы создать такой объект, как Оумуамуа, до 800 метров в длину и до 167 метров в ширину. По их словам, чистый азот в виде льда встречается редко и обнаружен только на Плутоне в очень небольших количествах. Даже если бы весь азотный лед