Lenin, Franco, Ataturk: anyone else have the mausoleum?

Lenin, Franco, Ataturk: anyone else have the mausoleum? The government of Spain after several decades of disputes in society and in government circles made the decision on the reburial of former leader Francisco Franco. Now a word for the Parliament. Upstairs Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez had previously said that the reburial Franco will help to reconcile the Spaniards in their attitude toward the past. Franco lies in a mausoleum in the valley of the Fallen, in the complex, which was built on the orders of the dictator after the civil war 1936-39. Buried here are more than 34 thousand people from both the warring parties. If Franco will be removed from the mausoleum, the only mausoleum existing in Europe will remain the Lenin mausoleum on red square in Moscow. Where else are buried embalmed political leaders? In China, two mausoleums. The leader of the Chinese democratic revolution, sun Yat-sen, dying

A fly pretending to be a fly found in insects with an unusual disguise

A fly pretending to be a fly found in insects with an unusual disguise They are difficult to distinguish from twigs, buds or dried leaves. UpstairsSiphanta acuta Siphanta acuta is an insect of the family Flatidae, expertly disguised as a green leaf. In length it reaches 15 mm and is found on trees. Siphanta acuta lives in different parts of the world. Does, polirani Alex ? ♀ app ? (@insectaddict) 29 GRU R. 2017 on 12:19 PST During the download an error has occurred.Goniurellia tridens Goniurellia tridens — a mysterious fly, first discovered in the UAE. On its wings are two flies. Since the insect is protected from predators. Does, polirani Michelle (@thedrofpr) 18 Tra 2014 R. on 2:10 PDT During the download an error has occurred. Goniurellia tridens — one of 5,000 species of fruit flies. In the UAE alone there are 27 types. Does, polirani Fred (@federico.photography) 12

Tele2 cancelled intranet roaming in Russia

Tele2 cancelled intranet roaming in Russia Mobile operator Tele2 27 Aug canceled intranet roaming in Russia, reports “RIA Novosti”. Thus, the operator is kept within the established FAS the August 31 deadline. Upstairs “Tele2 has implemented changes in the billing for the remaining 4% tariff plans and thus concluded operations on the abolition of intra-network roaming. Now on all tariff plans of the operator to incoming calls travel free in Russia, and in the region of stay are subject to the conditions of the home district,” — said in a statement. It is noted that the majority of tariff plans Tele2 intranet roaming has already been cancelled. The company was reminded that the data roaming in Russia has always been granted on the conditions in your home area at all rates, and subscribers of many archival tariff plans already used stromerova conditions. On 8 August it became known that the

In the German city of Chemnitz riots

In the German city of Chemnitz riots Moscow. August 27. INTERFAX.RU — the collision of “right” and “left” radicals in the German city of Chemnitz on Monday resulted in the hospital with injuries were several people, according to the German press. Upstairs According to her, the riots began during the demonstration, the reason for which was the murder at the weekend 35-year-old German citizen. In this case already detained two citizens of Syria and Iraq. Young people, whose faces were covered by hoods and scarves, the manifestation began to pelt the police and opponents of firecrackers and other objects. In response the police had to use water cannon. The police Twitter account reported that currently, “demonstration ProChemnitz runs along the claimed route, accompanied by a large number of law enforcement officers.” “There have been isolated incidents, the vast majority of the demonstrators behave peacefully,” — said in the message.

Syria are on high alert

Syria are on high alert On Monday it became known that the Mediterranean became an American destroyer armed with Tomahawk missiles. Thus, the group of carriers of cruise missiles reached a strength sufficient to saturate Syria. The Russian military say that the Western coalition is preparing for a military operation against Syrian government forces, and that it will start after it carried out a dramatization of the use of chemical weapons against civilians in Idlib province. In response to US actions, Russia also reinforces its fleet in the Mediterranean sea. Upstairs American destroyer USS Ross, with 28 cruise missiles Tomahawk, whose range allows you to strike throughout Syria, entered August 25 in the Mediterranean sea. This was reported by the official representative of the defense Ministry Igor Konashenkov, adding that the Persian Gulf is the USS Sullivans with 56 similar missiles, and the El Udeid military base in Qatar was

Merkel and trump has asked Russia to influence Damascus

Merkel and trump has asked Russia to influence Damascus Russia should exert influence on the Syrian government to prevent the escalation of the conflict in Idlib province. This is stated in the message published on the results of negotiations between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and U.S. President Donald trump, reports Reuters. Upstairs During the telephone conversation the sides also discussed topical international challenges, trade issues, the situation in Ukraine and the Western Balkans. Previously, on 27 August it was reported that the Syrian air force were given in full combat readiness because of reports about the preparation of air strike on Damascus by the US. August 25 in the Russian defense Ministry first announced a possible attack. It was noted that Washington has deployed in the Persian Gulf, the destroyer “the Sullivans” with 56 cruise missiles on Board, and the air base al-Udeid air base in Qatar — the strategic

Scientists have figured out who will win the race between the tortoise and the hare

Scientists have figured out who will win the race between the tortoise and the hare MOSCOW, 27 Jun — RIA Novosti. Turtle must defeat the hare in the race from Aesop’s fables due to their endurance, if they’re moving their entire life. To such conclusion the American scientists who published an article in the journal Scientific Reports. Upstairs There are dozens of types of animals that can run, fly, jump, or move in other ways with the speed of a car, plane or other man-made objects, are considered the standard speed. On the other hand, very slow creatures such as sloths, turtles, koalas and seahorses has not disappeared and flourish for many millions of years. This became possible because of the fast and slow animals occupy different ecological niches and produce food differently. Usually last feed is more affordable but less nutritious food, and the first — higher quality food,

Girl “thanked” the homeless, buying a car

Girl “thanked” the homeless, buying a car The man collected the money for the house, but he never received. Upstairs A couple of Americans have collected 400 thousand dollars in donations to help the homeless, but then changed his mind and spent most of the money for themselves. Homeless veteran, Johnny Bobbitt, gained $400,000 in #GoFundMeDonations to Help him after his selfless act. He’s now back on the streets w/o a dime because Kate McClure & Mark D’amico admitted they spent $200K to ‘care’ for him & kept the other $200K. https://t.co/eaifjz0ULm — KP (@Fam4Fun) 26 August 2018 R. The scandal attracted the attention of the Western media, began in the fall of 2017. Kate McClure stuck on the highway between new Jersey and Philadelphia — the girl ran out of gas. Homeless johnny Bobbitt volunteered to help — he went to the nearest gas station and spent my last

As chameleons are able to change the color?

As chameleons are able to change the color? The colors associated with the special skin cells. UpstairsDuring the download an error has occurred. Inside these cells there are nanocrystals. They are like little reflectors come in different shapes and sizes. Chameleons are able to change the position of these crystals and reflect light of different wavelengths. And need is a chameleon not only for masking. The chameleon changes color to communicate with other chameleons. See also: The most cunning hunters: what happens to the victim in the embrace of a boa constrictor Fish-invisible can “disappear” for 2 seconds

In Kenya the Hippo killed the crocodile escaped from a fisherman

In Kenya the Hippo killed the crocodile escaped from a fisherman MOSCOW, 27 Jun — RIA Novosti. In Kenya the hippopotamus killed a fisherman, who earlier managed to escape from the crocodile, reports the Standard. Upstairs Hamisi Omari was fishing on lake Victoria when his boat was attacked by a female Hippo. Because of the boost to 23-year-old man fell overboard. Was in the boat friend couldn’t help him, and the animal mauled the man. A friend of the deceased, Andrew Oduor told that the female has apparently, recently it was childbirth that explains her aggressive behavior. “Omari was in the back of the boat. It all happened so fast that I couldn’t help him.” Previously, Omari spent three months in hospital after being attacked by a crocodile, which occurred in the same place about a year ago.