Merkel and trump has asked Russia to influence Damascus

Merkel and trump has asked Russia to influence Damascus

Russia should exert influence on the Syrian government to prevent the escalation of the conflict in Idlib province. This is stated in the message published on the results of negotiations between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and U.S. President Donald trump, reports Reuters.


During the telephone conversation the sides also discussed topical international challenges, trade issues, the situation in Ukraine and the Western Balkans.

Previously, on 27 August it was reported that the Syrian air force were given in full combat readiness because of reports about the preparation of air strike on Damascus by the US. August 25 in the Russian defense Ministry first announced a possible attack.

It was noted that Washington has deployed in the Persian Gulf, the destroyer “the Sullivans” with 56 cruise missiles on Board, and the air base al-Udeid air base in Qatar — the strategic bomber b-1, armed with 24 missiles. According to the defense Ministry, the reason for the attack could be a provocation with chemical weapons.