Girl “thanked” the homeless, buying a car

Girl “thanked” the homeless, buying a car

The man collected the money for the house, but he never received.


A couple of Americans have collected 400 thousand dollars in donations to help the homeless, but then changed his mind and spent most of the money for themselves.

Homeless veteran, Johnny Bobbitt, gained $400,000 in #GoFundMe
Donations to Help him after his selfless act. He’s now back on the streets
w/o a dime because Kate McClure & Mark D’amico admitted they spent $200K to ‘care’ for him & kept the other $200K.

— KP (@Fam4Fun) 26 August 2018 R.

The scandal attracted the attention of the Western media, began in the fall of 2017. Kate McClure stuck on the highway between new Jersey and Philadelphia — the girl ran out of gas. Homeless johnny Bobbitt volunteered to help — he went to the nearest gas station and spent my last 20 dollars to get fuel for a stranger.

Kate promised to reward “the poor Samaritan,” and together with her boyfriend Marc D’amico organized a fundraiser for johnny in social networks. In the end they managed to collect 400 thousand dollars (more than 26 million rubles).

Some time later, American journalists were able to establish that the couple most of the money spent on themselves — they bought a BMW, took a vacation to Las Vegas and attended an elite party, the cost of admission which was $ 2,400. Pictures of sudden wealth they lightly shared in social networks.

35-year-old johnny Bobbitt’s ex — military. For the money collected, he could become the master of your own home. The girl and her boyfriend said that homeless “would not be able to properly dispose of the funds.”

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