In the German city of Chemnitz riots

In the German city of Chemnitz riots

Moscow. August 27. INTERFAX.RU — the collision of “right” and “left” radicals in the German city of Chemnitz on Monday resulted in the hospital with injuries were several people, according to the German press.


According to her, the riots began during the demonstration, the reason for which was the murder at the weekend 35-year-old German citizen. In this case already detained two citizens of Syria and Iraq.

Young people, whose faces were covered by hoods and scarves, the manifestation began to pelt the police and opponents of firecrackers and other objects.

In response the police had to use water cannon.

The police Twitter account reported that currently, “demonstration ProChemnitz runs along the claimed route, accompanied by a large number of law enforcement officers.”

“There have been isolated incidents, the vast majority of the demonstrators behave peacefully,” — said in the message.