Lenin, Franco, Ataturk: anyone else have the mausoleum?

Lenin, Franco, Ataturk: anyone else have the mausoleum?

The government of Spain after several decades of disputes in society and in government circles made the decision on the reburial of former leader Francisco Franco. Now a word for the Parliament.


Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez had previously said that the reburial Franco will help to reconcile the Spaniards in their attitude toward the past.

Franco lies in a mausoleum in the valley of the Fallen, in the complex, which was built on the orders of the dictator after the civil war 1936-39. Buried here are more than 34 thousand people from both the warring parties.

If Franco will be removed from the mausoleum, the only mausoleum existing in Europe will remain the Lenin mausoleum on red square in Moscow.

Where else are buried embalmed political leaders?

In China, two mausoleums. The leader of the Chinese democratic revolution, sun Yat-sen, dying in 1925, a year after the death of the leader of the Bolshevik revolution, Vladimir Lenin, bequeathed to embalm yourself and save in a special building just as it did with Lenin in Moscow.

In socialist Vietnam, the idea also took root. Ho Chi Minh mausoleum — the tomb of the first President of North Vietnam Ho Chi Minh at BA Dinh square in Hanoi on 2 September 1945 Ho Chi Minh proclaimed independence of Vietnam from France.

But the Vietnamese, the mausoleum is designed in a classical style, colonnade there, and not like the traditional pagoda, the mausoleums in Beijing and Nanjing.

Source: Reuters