Ancient people caught hunting giant sloths

Ancient people caught hunting giant sloths The people of the Pleistocene epoch could hunt giant sloths — this is evidenced by human footprints inside the tracks of an animal found in North America, the scientists write in an article published in the journal Science Advances. Giant sloths lived in North and South America and was a little similar to the now living descendants. These large mammals lived on earth, had long and powerful claws and was comparable in magnitude with the elephants. Discoveries of the remains of giant sloths indicate that the first people in America, the ancestors of the Indians, faced with these animals. In Santa Elina paleontologists have discovered jewelry made from the bones of giant sloths. For a long time the reason for their extinction was considered abrupt climate change at the end of the last ice age, but in recent years a new hypothesis, according to

“So delicious that behind the ears popped”

“So delicious that behind the ears popped” Hantyyka of true Northern cuisine, raw brains and reindeer antlers. Not fond of etnoculturala people know about Northern cuisine, nothing at all, because heard except that of the slices and frozen berries. All, however, is not so simple. How — understand guests gastronomic festival “North” held in Norilsk from 27 to 29 April. In anticipation of the event “” asked the guide of the ethnographic Museum under the open sky “Torum Maa” Zoe Losambo to talk about what her ancestors ate and what foods she prefers. “”: Russian North there are a lot of peoples: the Chukchi, the Khanty, Nenets, Enets, Nganasans, Dolgans, Yakuts and other indigenous peoples. What is special about your native cuisine Khant? Lozanova: the Main feature is, of course, swegle. Khanty have always lived in nature. What sort of “Tape” and “Magnets”! Shot of the beast, brought it in,

New flashmob: how to look like birds without wings (photo)

New flashmob: how to look like birds without wings (photo) The Network is gaining popularity is a strange flash mob. Twitter users included in a new fad — they photoshop the pictures of the birds, “removing” them wings. It looks very strange. The first such “joke” was offered by the user under the name emery @shadowban. He published the result of his “creativity”, denying the wings of an eagle and a Seagull in flight. hehehe birds with no wings hehehe — emery @ shadowban (@eIvysh) April 23, 2018 — MAKE Love, Simon NC16 IN SINGAPORE (@thashamonique) April 24, 2018 The rest is so liked the idea that they, too, sat down at the editor. And away we go. The more people involved in a kind of flash mob, the more creative became pictures. In the end, the birds started to recover the missing body parts, replacing them with

The couple asked guests to come to the wedding with Allergy medication

The couple asked guests to come to the wedding with Allergy medication The bride is warned that he does not want to see snotty and sneezing people on your holiday. The wedding is the day when command of all the bride. Not uncommon when it comes up with some rules to make this day as comfortable as possible. For example, prohibits to come to a celebration with young children or to dress in white. But the couple from the UK went even further — they sent their guests a set of rules per sheet of A4. One of the items was mandatory availability of funds from seasonal allergies. When you’re getting married, you don’t want anything to disrupt proceedings — Metro (@MetroUK) April 25, 2018 In the comments to the rule, they pointed out that the ceremony will be held in the spring in the nature, surrounded by flowering trees,

“Cesspool”: Boracay island closed due to environmental problems

“Cesspool”: Boracay island closed due to environmental problems To travel to relax can only be made after six months. Boracay island from today closed for tourists due to environmental problems. To come to him with the purpose of stay will only be possible in six months. The decision of the President of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte. He called the island “a cesspool”. Duterte condemned hotels, restaurants and other businesses because they drained waste water directly into the sea, reports “Interfax”. On a tiny island, popular because of its beautiful beaches, sea water pollution, and coastal area — debris and waste. For six months local service plan to improve the environmental state of Boracay. It is supposed to work on cleaning beaches of debris and algae, for the modernization of the sewage system, installation of mechanisms for the processing of solid waste, to search and destroy the illegal buildings, the construction

To refineries in the United States extinguished the fire, which injured about 20 people

To refineries in the United States extinguished the fire, which injured about 20 people MOSCOW, 27 Jun — RIA Novosti. Emergency services extinguished the fire at the refinery, the company Husky Energy in the city of Superior, Wisconsin, in which 20 people were injured, according to city police. “The police Superior and (the company) Husky Energy confirmed that the fire is out. The order to evacuate will remain in force for about two hours,” reads the Twitter account of the city police. The explosion and ensuing fire occurred in the morning local time. According to fire chief Gord superior Steve Pangere allegedly exploded a small container, which was either crude oil or bitumen. According to the newspaper Duluth News Tribune, after a series of new explosions personnel were evacuated. As reported by the newspaper, the fire affected 20 people, at least five of whom were taken to hospital. The plant

Egypt has imposed heavy fines for adhering to the travelers dealers

Egypt has imposed heavy fines for adhering to the travelers dealers Moscow. April 26. INTERFAX.RU — a Fine of about $565 now threatens merchants and beggars, adhering to the travelers in Egypt, according to British newspaper Daily Mail. “Any Egyptian adhered to the tourists with a proposal to buy Souvenirs, to purchase services or begging, can now be fined. In the first place, talking about the area near the famous attractions of Egypt like the Egyptian Museum and the pyramids”, — stated in the message. According to the newspaper, the way the government is trying to make Egypt more attractive to tourists and to increase revenues from the tourism industry to maintain historical and archaeological sites in the country are in good condition. The flow of foreign tourists to Egypt dropped significantly after the 2011 revolution. In 2010 Egypt was visited by 15 million travelers in 2015 and 6.3 million

The UN has said about the plans of ISIS to provoke the flow of refugees from Africa to Europe

The UN has said about the plans of ISIS to provoke the flow of refugees from Africa to Europe Thus fled from Syria militants want to enter the EU and it will become even more of a problem than migration from Syria. Moscow. April 26. INTERFAX.RU — Escaped from Syria, the leaders of factions of the “Islamic state” (a terrorist organization banned in Russia) are entering into an agreement with the African terrorists to provoke a new wave of migration from Africa to Europe and to be among the migrants, said on Thursday the Guardian the head of the world food programme, the UN David Beazley. In order to affect migrants, terrorists are using the food crisis in Africa South of the Sahara, according to a UN official. According to him, the shortage of food is used as a tool for recruitment and as an incentive for moving millions of

Communications Ministry: Russia does not intend to create a firewall for example Chinese

Communications Ministry: Russia does not intend to create a firewall for example Chinese Deputy Minister of communications and mass communications of Russia Alexey Volin has denied reports about the government’s intention to create a Russian firewall (network filter) to block the access of the inhabitants of the country part of the Internet resources for example existing in China. “This is an empty concern. Despite the fact that we are friends with China and exchanged information about the development of the media market, Volin stated to Agency “RIA Novosti”.— We always proceeded from the fact that Russia is Russia, China is China. We will never go the Chinese way in relation to the Internet. We have our own Russian way, and there is no question about creating the Russian firewall not coming today”. Alexey Volin also said that the creation of such a firewall requires significant financial investments. We must remember

How to choose meat for shashlik

How to choose meat for shashlik On the eve of may holidays the CPS has published recommendations for consumers. Following them, the consumer protect yourself and your loved ones from substandard products and avoid health problems. Where to buy Food products, including meat, worth buying in stationary trade enterprises. The seller should be the product’s delivery note, certificate of conformity, the veterinary certificate for meat. To purchase products of unknown origin that are sold without accompanying documents, is not worth it. What to pay attention When buying chilled meat is necessary to pay attention to his appearance and smell. If the product at least a bit, blowing musty, moisture, chemicals, rot, from the purchase should be abandoned. Fresh chilled meat is dry, the glossy, slightly glossy, even colour. To touch such meat should be moist, sticky and oozing blood. Before you buy is to deploy refrigerated meat, because unscrupulous sellers