“So delicious that behind the ears popped”

“So delicious that behind the ears popped”

Hantyyka of true Northern cuisine, raw brains and reindeer antlers.

Not fond of etnoculturala people know about Northern cuisine, nothing at all, because heard except that of the slices and frozen berries. All, however, is not so simple. How — understand guests gastronomic festival “North” held in Norilsk from 27 to 29 April. In anticipation of the event “Tape.ru” asked the guide of the ethnographic Museum under the open sky “Torum Maa” Zoe Losambo to talk about what her ancestors ate and what foods she prefers.

“Ribbon.ru”: Russian North there are a lot of peoples: the Chukchi, the Khanty, Nenets, Enets, Nganasans, Dolgans, Yakuts and other indigenous peoples. What is special about your native cuisine Khant?

Lozanova: the Main feature is, of course, swegle. Khanty have always lived in nature. What sort of “Tape” and “Magnets”! Shot of the beast, brought it in, skin removed, gutted and then cooked. On the whole, our kitchen is kept: if a duck — it is fresh, if the moose just killed. Or that he scored the deer. It is clear that a lot of meat to freeze, but before it is brewed the first pot: mainline, cecum, inside which the fat, heart, tongue and other snacks. Just imagine it!

Vegetables add?

Vegetables! But where you have to hunt vegetables seen?

Well, mushrooms do you grow?

Mushrooms all rotten. The Khanty don’t eat them. As condiments.

We cook out of the water and meat — deer, elk, and poultry — for example, of the grouse. But if than ran, only rye flour with the wholemeal. Will make such a stew, will bring the street frozen berries, threw them in a bowl and eat. In addition, the food consumed, the kidneys, the eyes, the ears of animals.

Khanty know, a good anglers.

It’s true. We catch pike, IDE, perch, whitefish, nelma, grayling, broad whitefish, whitefish. With the fish we have which not only make seasoned, fried, boiled, smoked, eaten raw and frozen. Or here’s another — drips from the innards of the fish oil consumed in its pure form or mixed with berries.

It sounds, frankly, not very.