New flashmob: how to look like birds without wings (photo)

New flashmob: how to look like birds without wings (photo)

The Network is gaining popularity is a strange flash mob.

Twitter users included in a new fad — they photoshop the pictures of the birds, “removing” them wings. It looks very strange.

The first such “joke” was offered by the user under the name emery @shadowban. He published the result of his “creativity”, denying the wings of an eagle and a Seagull in flight.

hehehe birds with no wings hehehe

— emery @ shadowban (@eIvysh) April 23, 2018

— MAKE Love, Simon NC16 IN SINGAPORE (@thashamonique) April 24, 2018

The rest is so liked the idea that they, too, sat down at the editor. And away we go.

The more people involved in a kind of flash mob, the more creative became pictures.

In the end, the birds started to recover the missing body parts, replacing them with human hands.

And it’s really scary.

— Luzón. (@P_Frgl) April 24, 2018

Step 1: dispose of wings
Step 2: attach arms
Step 3: ???
Step 4:

— Vaalan (@VaalanHei) April 24, 2018

Then vs Now. Crazy transformation.

— Jimmy Williams III (@jfwilliams13) April 25, 2018

Reading the tweets..

— Dustin Grubb (@1drummer_dustin) April 25, 2018