How to choose meat for shashlik

How to choose meat for shashlik

On the eve of may holidays the CPS has published recommendations for consumers.

Following them, the consumer protect yourself and your loved ones from substandard products and avoid health problems.

Where to buy

Food products, including meat, worth buying in stationary trade enterprises. The seller should be the product’s delivery note, certificate of conformity, the veterinary certificate for meat. To purchase products of unknown origin that are sold without accompanying documents, is not worth it.

What to pay attention

When buying chilled meat is necessary to pay attention to his appearance and smell. If the product at least a bit, blowing musty, moisture, chemicals, rot, from the purchase should be abandoned. Fresh chilled meat is dry, the glossy, slightly glossy, even colour.

To touch such meat should be moist, sticky and oozing blood. Before you buy is to deploy refrigerated meat, because unscrupulous sellers often placed pieces, hiding the fat and veins inside.

Meat is better to buy the whole piece.How to differentiate chilled meat from frozen and thawed

On meat you need to press with your finger: it should be elastic. From thawed meat a more intense color, crumbly texture and the red meat juice.

Re-frozen meat is to buy it. To distinguish normal from frozen meat re-frozen, you need to touch it and hold your finger a few seconds when heated in frozen meat will remain a dark stain color, and re-frozen coloring does not change.