The Russian foreign Ministry questioned the objectivity of the report of the OPCW on the chemical attack in Syria

The Russian foreign Ministry called questionable data underlying the report of the technical Secretariat of the Organisation for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW) on the incident in the Syrian Khan Sheyhun (Idlib) in April. This is stated in comments posted on the foreign Ministry website.

The document States that the evidence used in the conclusion of the OPCW obtained from Syrian opposition or non-governmental organizations. Their employees were not at the scene, and were in a “neighboring country”.

“It is not surprising that the contents of the report of the special mission of the OPCW is largely biased, which suggests the presence in this structure of the political order”, — reads the statement of the foreign Ministry.

June 29, the Russian diplomatic source said that the current in Syria, terrorist groups are preparing a provocation using chemical weapons in the area of Deraa, by analogy with the situation in Idlib province. “The goal is to provoke the invasion of coalition forces led by the US on Syria, followed by the violent overthrow of the current government,” he added.

Gas attack in Khan Sheyhun controlled by the Syrian opposition, took place on 4 April. Killed 87 people, injured about 200. Opponents of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the West have blamed the attack force of government troops. In Damascus said that the army did not use chemical weapons.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has not excluded that the chemical attack in Idlib could be staged. “That’s specifically in order to inflate the hype and create a background, a pretext for further pressure on the legitimate Syrian authorities”, — said the head of state, stressing that does not mention the possible organizers of the provocation.