The US demanded tighter security measures at Russian airports

The American government demanded tougher security measures during screening of passengers to airlines flying to the US from Moscow airports Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo. About the Agency TASS said the representative of the Ministry of internal security of the United States. Earlier, Reuters reported that airlines that do not meet the new security arrangements, U.S., may lose their flight certificates flights over the territory of the country. The head of the Ministry of internal security of the USA John Kelly has announced tighter controls on flights to the country from abroad. The new measures will affect passengers travelling to the United States of the 280 airports in 105 countries around the world. In particular, travellers, as well as electronic devices will be thoroughly tested. In addition, enhanced control measures will be introduced in the passenger terminal. Such initiative is explained by the growth of the terrorist threat. In March, the airline

The Federation Council approved the law on the establishment of a registry corrupt

Photo: The press service of GU Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation MOSCOW, 28 Jun — RIA Novosti. The Federation Council approved on Wednesday the law on creation in Russia of registry officials, law enforcement officers and servicemen, dismissed in connection with loss of trust for corruption. In mid-June, the Federation Council postponed consideration of this issue prior to the preparation of the government decree, which is clearly spelled out the procedure for maintaining the registry and delisting information, including if the court took the side of civil servant and considered for inclusion in the register illegal. As noted by the then speaker Valentina Matviyenko, the law infringes on the constitutional rights of citizens, which must be followed in full. As noted in the Tuesday meeting of the Federation Council Committee on constitutional legislation, the government provided senators with a draft resolution on the order of maintaining the

In SF has proposed to block foreign media for violations of the laws of the Russian Federation

Photo: Yuri Martianov / Kommersant “It is necessary to provide a legal framework which will allow you to adjust the Russian-language media, having an audience in Russia, even if they are registered abroad,” – said the Senator. “Failure to comply with legislation to authorize the Roskomnadzor to block such media on the territory of Russia”, – he added. In addition, the MP said, in the Federation Council discussed the question of vesting the Ministry of justice of Russia the right to conduct an investigation to determine the sources of financing of mass-media registered on the territory of the country. “If will be found the sources of foreign financing and indications of activities in the interests of a foreign state, to oblige the media to report on its activities in accordance with the law on foreign agents”, he added. This approach to the foreign press Klimov called the reaction to oppression

In the action in support of the “Seventh Studio” was attended by 55 Russian theatres

In the action in support of the “Seventh Studio” was attended by 55 Russian theatres Moscow. June 29. INTERFAX.RU — IN actions of solidarity of theatres and people in support of Alexei Malopolska and other defendants in the case, “the Seventh Studio”, which was held June 28, was attended by 55 theatres from more than 20 cities of Russia, it was supported in Germany, Israel, Lithuania, USA, has informed “Interfax” the administrator of the page shares on Facebook on Thursday. “The event was attended by 55 (for the moment) a variety of theaters — the Metropolitan and regional, Federal, municipal and private, dramatic, musical and children’s, large and chamber. Voices of support came from Bulgaria, Germany, Israel, Lithuania and the United States. In Berlin, a rally was held”, — told “Interfax” the administrators. It noted that we are talking about theaters of Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Arkhangelsk, Vologda, Voronezh, Yekaterinburg, Krasnoyarsk, Lesosibirsk,

The winner of the festival was the “Crested IBIS”

The winner of the festival was the “Crested IBIS” The winner of the 39th Moscow international film festival was the documentary “Crested IBIS” Chinese Director Liang Qiao. This decision was made by the jury of the show on Thursday, June 29, the correspondent “”. The film received the main prize of the festival — the award “Golden Saint George”. “Crested IBIS” tells the story of a Beijing reporter Vince Kahn, who returns to his hometown to shoot a story about a rare bird. The tape raises the problem of ecology in modern China. “Silver St. George” for best Director was awarded to Turkish Director Fikret the Rayhan for the painting “Yellow heat” about a family of illegal immigrants. Special prize of the jury was awarded to the Russian film “Bag without a bottom” by Rustam Khamdamov. The main role in the film was played by Anna Mikhalkova, Kirill Pletnev, Sergei

Adele announced the possible termination of his concert activity

Adele announced the possible termination of his concert activity British singer Adele may stop concerts. About it she wrote in a letter to fans, a photograph of which was posted on a fan Instagram account. The handwritten message was embedded in the programs at the concerts of the singer in London. “I wanted my final show was in London, because I don’t know if I’ll ever be, so the last time I would like to do this at home,” the letter reads. The singer stressed that during his career, managed to give more than 100 concerts in the UK, Ireland, Europe, America, Australia and New Zealand. “I did it just for you in the hope that it will affect you as much as it once affected me during live performances favorite artists,” added the singer. Adele is one of the most successful contemporary singers. At the ceremony music awards “Grammy-2017”

Foreign Minister saw “thundercloud” in relations between Russia and the United States

Sergei Ryabkov On the Russian-us relations faced a “storm cloud”, but Moscow is making efforts to restart the dialogue. Such a statement on Thursday, June 29, speaking at the “Primako readings” in Moscow, did Russian Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov. His words RIA Novosti reported. “I’m inclined to agree with the fact that on our relationship hung black “storm cloud”, but there is also lightning protection, and ways to escape. Therefore we do not lose our historical optimism,” — said Ryabkov. The diplomat also explained why consultations between Moscow and Washington at the level of Deputy foreign Ministers, scheduled for June 21 was postponed. “There are about 400 Russian organizations are under us sanctions, the number of Russian citizens under sanctions of close to two hundred years. And against this background, in a massive expansion of sanctions under the false pretext it was difficult to hold the event, but we

The construction of the Crimean Kerch Strait bridge was half completed

Work on the construction of the bridge, which will connect Crimea with mainland Russia through the Kerch Strait, performed more than 50 percent. This was stated by the head of the company-customer of the project of fku uprdor “Taman” Roman Novikov during the transport forum in Alushta, his words lead Federal Agency news (FAN). “Almost 55 percent of the total volume of works performed,” he said. The willingness of the major components of the road part of the bridge has reached 70 percent, said Novikov. As of the end of June, shipped 81 percent of the piles installed 56 percent of poles and 27 percent of assembled superstructures, he added. June 16 was completed the Assembly of the rail bridge across the Kerch Strait. The builders closed the arch of the arch at a height of 45 meters from the base of the structure. In total it consists of 400

Zakharov told about new spire on the skyscraper of the Ministry of foreign Affairs

Work on the replacement of the steeple and the facade of the Central part of the skyscraper of the foreign Ministry on Smolensk square will be fully completed by the end of August. On Thursday, June 29, reported the official representative of the Ministry Maria Zakharova, reports the national news service (NSN). “Color spire and restored part of the facade with the coat of arms of the Soviet Union matches the color scheme of the building 50 years. We are working for the roofing, installation of engineering networks”, — quotes Agency the words Zakharova. According to her, in 2018 it is planned to start reconstruction of a 16-storey right extension. In April, the Moscow state construction supervision reported that the replacement of the spire will be completed tentatively in may — early June, wrote online edition Old design, unusable, cut into Souvenirs. Work to replace the spire on the

TV of Iran has published a proof of the death of the leader of the IG

TV of Iran has published a proof of the death of the leader of the IG Iranian television has distributed the pictures that confirmed the death of the leader of the terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG banned in Russia), Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. The picture was published on the website of the Iranian IRIB broadcasting Corporation. The picture was published on the website of the Iranian IRIB broadcasting Corporation. Last week, the Russian defense Ministry reported about the possible destruction of ISIS leader in airstrike videoconferencing on the outskirts of the Syrian city of raqqa. According to the Agency, during a military operation on may 28 under attack aircraft su-35S and su-34 got the command center of Isil, which hosted a meeting of the leaders of the organization.