Foreign Minister saw “thundercloud” in relations between Russia and the United States

Sergei Ryabkov

On the Russian-us relations faced a “storm cloud”, but Moscow is making efforts to restart the dialogue. Such a statement on Thursday, June 29, speaking at the “Primako readings” in Moscow, did Russian Deputy foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov. His words RIA Novosti reported.

“I’m inclined to agree with the fact that on our relationship hung black “storm cloud”, but there is also lightning protection, and ways to escape. Therefore we do not lose our historical optimism,” — said Ryabkov.

The diplomat also explained why consultations between Moscow and Washington at the level of Deputy foreign Ministers, scheduled for June 21 was postponed. “There are about 400 Russian organizations are under us sanctions, the number of Russian citizens under sanctions of close to two hundred years. And against this background, in a massive expansion of sanctions under the false pretext it was difficult to hold the event, but we will continue”, — he said.

Foreign Ministry spokesman also urged to look at issues of Russian-American relations “in Primakovs”. “In other words, — to see that the glass is still half full, not half empty. And look for ways to move forward, in spite of a completely unique set of circumstances that prevent this”, — concluded the diplomat.

On June 20 the U.S. Treasury has extended the sanctions list, adding 19 19 names and names of organizations involved in “Russia’s actions in Ukraine.” The next day the Russian foreign Ministry refused to hold bilateral consultations with American counterparts on relationship problems. The US state Department has expressed in this regard is regrettable.

Annual international scientific-expert forum “Primakov’s readings” held in Moscow on June 29-30. A key theme of the event will be Russian-American relations.