In SF has proposed to block foreign media for violations of the laws of the Russian Federation


Yuri Martianov / Kommersant

“It is necessary to provide a legal framework which will allow you to adjust the Russian-language media, having an audience in Russia, even if they are registered abroad,” – said the Senator. “Failure to comply with legislation to authorize the Roskomnadzor to block such media on the territory of Russia”, – he added.

In addition, the MP said, in the Federation Council discussed the question of vesting the Ministry of justice of Russia the right to conduct an investigation to determine the sources of financing of mass-media registered on the territory of the country. “If will be found the sources of foreign financing and indications of activities in the interests of a foreign state, to oblige the media to report on its activities in accordance with the law on foreign agents”, he added.

This approach to the foreign press Klimov called the reaction to oppression of Russian media in the West, in particular us congressmen proposed a bill that would provide the U.S. justice Department expanded powers to identify the individuals who intend to influence political processes in the United States. “In the release to text Cicilline (one of the authors – ed “RG”) writes that the law is directed primarily to the “Kremlin propaganda Russia Today”, – said Klimov.

The topic of foreign media operating in Russia in the interests of another state or group of States was raised at the first meeting of the interim Commission of the Federation Council on the protection of state sovereignty and prevent interference in the internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. The senators also offered to compile a “black book” interventions in the Affairs of Russia and to dedicate it one or more volumes to the unfriendly actions of the United States. In the country it was suggested that the expertise be introduced to Parliament bills on the subject of vulnerabilities in terms of threat to the national sovereignty.