The Pentagon officials want to prohibit the use of Kaspersky

The Pentagon officials want to prohibit the use of Kaspersky

Employees of the Ministry of defense want to prohibit the use of software developed by “Kaspersky Lab”, because of fears that the Russian company may be subject to Kremlin influence.

Such provisions appeared in the draft document approving the structure of the defense budget for 2018 (National Defense Authorization Act). One section of the document deals with Russia, which, as the document says, “involved in active and purposeful campaign to undermine the integrity of American democracy.”

The section on Russia approved the financing of the operation to strengthen the Eastern borders of NATO ($6.4 billion), up to $100 million the Baltic countries for improving their national defense and $500 million for military assistance to Ukraine, as well as other items of expenditure.

A separate paragraph in the section States that the document “prohibits the defense Ministry to use the platforms developed by “Kaspersky Lab” because of the reports that the company, which is based in Moscow, can be influenced by the Russian authorities.”

Mike Pence has hired a lawyer to defend the case on relations with Russia the investigation of the relations of the headquarters of the trump with Russia has engaged in “dream team” of trump’s suspected of attempting to hinder the investigation in the case of Russia, the FBI interviewed employees of “Kaspersky Lab” in the United States.

The point of the “Kaspersky Lab” was added to the document by the Senator from new Hampshire Jeanne Shaheen, which kommentiruya his initiative, said that “the Virus” cannot be trusted with the protection of the defense infrastructure of the United States and that the potential company’s ties with the Kremlin “very concerned”.

On Wednesday, agents of the Federal Bureau of investigation has conducted interviews with several employees of “Kaspersky Lab” living in the United States. Are these conversations with the FBI about potential Russian intervention in the American elections is unclear.

Earlier, the leaders of US intelligence said that they studied the fact that the use of government officials the software from “Kaspersky Lab”.

The company’s founder Eugene Kaspersky in network Reddit said he was ready to appear before the U.S. Senate and to dispel these fears.

In the US Congress and the FBI now are investigating the Russia’s attempts to influence the outcome of the US presidential elections in 2016 to prevent Hillary Clinton from becoming President.

The Kremlin has consistently denied such interference, however, us intelligence agencies unanimously stated that they do not doubt that it was.