Media: China has accused Australia of spying and spying on Chinese citizens

Media: China has accused Australia of spying and spying on Chinese citizens

BEIJING, June 29. /TASS/. China has accused the Australian government of spying for the country and the surveillance of Chinese citizens in Australia. About it writes on Thursday the newspaper “huanqiu shibao” with reference to the employee of bodies of state security of the PRC.

“The global invisible against Australia never acted as a victim. On the contrary, they deliberately led intelligence work on China, while groundlessly accusing China of spying on them. The logic here is just ridiculous”, — leads edition of the words of counterintelligence.

Earlier this month, the newspaper reminds, the Chinese foreign Ministry has criticized an Australian TV for the assertion that China “implements” in Australia, calling these reports “baseless” and “not worth mentioning”.

The staff member of the state security of China, the article reads on, “said the Australian undercover agents selected for the Chinese living and working abroad, to gather information and even to encourage their subversive activities in China.”

“Under the pretext of preventing the “Chinese spy threat”, the Australian intelligence operatives conduct thorough surveillance of the Chinese and the Chinese Embassy in Australia”, — said the interlocutor of the edition. He announced the recruitment of Chinese citizens and sending them back to China “to gather information” and that “Australia steals Chinese technology.”

“The security service has revealed numerous bugs in the Embassy (China to Australia), which forced the Chinese government to carry out repairs of the Embassy,” added CID.