Breivik has complained to Norway

Anders Breivik

The organizer of a double bombing Anders Breivik, who is serving a sentence in a prison in Norway, has filed a complaint with the European court of human rights. About it reports Reuters.

The offender complained about the conditions of detention. “The meaning of the complaints that we are displeased with an isolation level, which, moreover, lasts long enough” — said one of his lawyers øystein Storvik (Oeystein Storrvik).

On 8 June the Norwegian Supreme court refused to consider the complaint of Breivik on the conditions of his detention in prison. Terrorist complained about being held in solitary confinement, he was not allowed to communicate with other prisoners. He called such treatment inhuman. In April 2016 the district court in Oslo found the complaint partially justified and gave him compensation, but in March 2017 court of Appeal Borgarting abolished it, believing that “single” is justified because Breivik did not repent, and posing a threat.

While in custody, the offender had to change the name — now his name is officially Thorolf Hansen.