Putin said about the increase the military capacity of Russia to protect


RIA Novosti

MOSCOW, 28 Jun — RIA Novosti. Russian President Vladimir Putin assured that Russia will continue to build up their military capacities to protect against potential aggressors, as well as to provide a balanced and systematic work of all branches of the armed forces.

“Only high-powered, mobile armed forces capable of ensuring the sovereignty and territorial integrity of our country, to protect us and our allies from any potential aggressor, from pressure and blackmail from those who do not like independent, sovereign Russia”, — he said a meeting with graduates of higher military educational institutions of the Russian Federation.

According to the President, “in recent years, the Russian army was strengthened, increased the professionalism of the officer corps that has convincingly demonstrated the operation against terrorists in Syria”.

“We intend to continue to increase the combat potential of the army and Navy, on the basis of long-term plans and programs to ensure a balanced, systematic work of all branches of the armed forces, to improve the quality and intensity of combat training”, — he added.