The Supreme court of Venezuela was attacked from a helicopter

The sequel: Attacked by the Venezuelan court the policeman demanded the resignation of Maduro

The Supreme court of Venezuela in Caracas was attacked with a police helicopter. This was stated by the President of the country Nicolas Maduro, reports NTN24.

The Venezuelan leader said that in the court building from the helicopter were thrown two grenades, one of which exploded. Maduro said that at that moment there were people. “It could lead to hundreds of victims,” he said.

Juan Pablo Alvarez (@JPAlvarezGuedea)
June 28, 2017, 01:30

In addition, the helicopter flew over the building of the interior Ministry. Maduro said that the helicopter was operated by the pilot, Miguel Rodriguez Torres, former interior Minister, who, according to Maduro, “contact with the CIA.”

RIA Novosti indicates that the helicopter crew stretched a banner reading “350. Freedom.” We are talking about 350-th article of the Constitution, which refers to the possibility of rejection by the citizens of Venezuela the authorities in case of violation of democratic values, principles and safeguards, and human rights.

Reuters reports that the Venezuelan President called the incident a terrorist act and demanded from the security services to take action.

Clashes between security forces and demonstrators continue in the country for several months. Victims of the confrontation were dozens of people. The opposition demands the resignation of President Nicolas Maduro. The head of state announced the convening of a Constituent Assembly. Election of its members is scheduled for July 30, but the opposition party refused to take part in them.