Attacked the Venezuelan court the policeman demanded the resignation of Maduro

Oscar Pereprodaet: In a network there was video of attack of the helicopter to the building of the Supreme court of Venezuela

A police officer Venezuela Oscar Perez, who on 27 June carried out an attack on the Supreme court from a helicopter, demanded the resignation of President Nicolas Maduro. He stated in his video in the account in Instagram.

“We demand that President Nicolas Maduro immediately resigned together with the Ministers, we demand General elections,” said Peres, adding that the government is the coalition “military officials, policemen and civilians, nationalists, patriots and the institutionalists”, who have no party affiliation.

Perez announced the deployment of ground and air operations in the country with the aim to “return power to the people and to restore constitutional order”.

Twitter began to appear movies, illustrating the presence of military equipment on the streets of Caracas.

VeneNoticias (@VeneNoticias_)
June 28, 2017, 01:51