The cyclist in Vienna for a couple of days sprayed acid on three girls

In Budyonnovsk (Stavropol Krai) for a couple of days sprayed acid on three girls. We are talking about two similar incidents occurred on 20 and 23 June, reported “Interfax” a source in power structures of the region.

“On 20 June, a passing of a teenage girl cyclist splashed her face with acid. The victim was hospitalized with burns. Three days later, history repeated itself, drenched were two girls 15 and 16 years, they also were hospitalized,” — said the Agency interlocutor. According to him, we are searching for a suspect or suspects.

At the same time on the website of the regional Department of the Investigative Committee stated that two crossing the road the girls the evening of 23 June in face splashed with acid by a young man on a Bicycle. Girls received burns of varying severity. On the given fact instituted criminal case on hooliganism with the use of objects used as weapons.

The same criminal case, note the investigators, came from the police. According to its materials, the evening of June 20 on the street to the girl “approached a man and unjustly doused it with liquid.” She has chemical burns of the left arm and face.

Now things are United in one manufacture.

The press service of the regional police, “Interfax” reported that the reward for useful information about your attacker is half a million rubles.

Meanwhile, the Governor of the Vladimir Vladimirov addressed the Ambassador of Italy in Russia Cesare Maria Ragaglini with a request to send one of the victims in Italy and to give her plastic surgery. The diplomat promised assistance.