The problem of the huts in Izhevsk, decided the day after Putin’s visit

Alexander Brechalov

Living in the barracks of the Izhevsk family begin to settle in 2018. On Wednesday, June 28, said the acting head of the Udmurt Republic Alexander Brechalov, reports RIA Novosti.

The official said that by the end of the current year the regional government will develop the program of moving of emergency houses. Among the first new housing will be provided press Secretary of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin on uninhabitable conditions Anastasia Votintseva.

“Just the barracks 17. First housing 11 will be provided to the most needy families with children”, — said Brechalov. The mayor of Izhevsk Yuri Tyurin explained that each situation will be considered separately. “I am sure that a number of issues can get in the interaction with the developers, the application of the mechanism of development of built-up areas”, — said the mayor.

Yesterday in Izhevsk with working visit has arrived Vladimir Putin, who fulfilled his promise and visited the house Votintseva, applied to him in a straight line.

June 15 in a live TV broadcast, a resident of Izhevsk complained about the living conditions: “we summer in the apartments very damp, very cold in the winter. We just heat the stove around the clock, but through the cracks in the walls still all blows out. Our children are constantly sick.” Votintseva said that the house was declared an emergency, but stood in line for demolition only in 2029. “Mr President, how are we to live in such conditions for another 12 years?” — asked the woman. The President promised to come and personally “see what happens”.