The damage from illegal dumps in the Moscow region was estimated at 4.4 billion rubles

Moscow region authorities assess the damage caused by illegal dumps, 4.4 billion rubles. This was stated by Minister of ecology and nature management of the Moscow region Alexander Kogan in an interview with “Kommersant FM” on Tuesday, June 27.

“Due to the fact that many operators are very barbaric attitude to waste management, we have six months before the closure of the polygon formed 52 illegal dumps. And it is only those that we know of,” said the official.

According to him, the violations of the law-enforcement agencies have opened nine criminal cases, two of them are already closed.
Cohen also did not rule out that the region can develop new illegal dumps.

Earlier Tuesday it was reported that the Moscow authorities plan to develop a timetable for reclamation of solid waste landfill “Kuchino” in Balashikha in the next week. According to preliminary estimates, for these purposes must be four billion rubles.

The landfill, which Russian President Vladimir Putin complained to local residents in the direct line, was closed in the shortest possible time, at the request of the President. The plan was to terminate in 2021, however, the President, the period of time arranged.