Milonov has proposed to single mothers alternative to baby boxes

Vitaly Milonov

Alternative baby-boxes can become a state institution, where single mothers can leave their newborn babies to restore mental condition. This opinion was expressed by the Deputy of the state Duma from “United Russia” Vitaly Milonov in an interview with city news “Moscow” on Tuesday, June 27.

“It should be possible for moms for a while to give the child. Maybe it’s not quite right, but at least we don’t razluchaet of the child and the mother. Lots of cases where the mother gives the child in the baby-box, and the next day come and then think better of it, in tears, asking for the hand of the child, and it is not given, because the child had received anonymously,” said Milonov.

Granting regions the right to independently determine the need for installation of baby-boxes and the number of the people’s choice considers unacceptable. “Is the protection of families and children it is the prerogative of the regions? No, it’s a Federal prerogative,” said he, adding that the statistics of cases where mothers kill their children to get rid of them, cannot be an argument for making decisions about baby boxes.

In March of this year deputies of the Duma Oksana Pushkina, Irina Rodnina, Elena Vtorygina and Senator Vadim Tulpanov made in the lower house of Parliament a bill which proposes to give regional authorities the power to create in territory of the subject areas for the anonymous abandonment of a child and the order of their installation.

In September 2016 the government approved the proposal of the Senator Elena Mizulina, the bill banning the baby-boxes. At the same time, a number of politicians referred to the initiative of Senator inhumane and indicate that in the case of the adoption of abandoned babies will lose a chance to survive.

Baby-box — a specially equipped place with the cradle, where mother can leave the baby that decided to give up. They are installed in medical institutions or religious organizations. Currently, baby-boxes, there are at least five Russian regions: Moscow, Vladimir and Kaliningrad regions, Krasnodar and Kamchatka territories.