Times announced plans for Britain to deport offenders after Brexit

The British government is going to use the procedure of Brexit to deport criminals from other EU countries. About it reports The Times.

As the newspaper notes, the country has up to 13 thousand offenders, the largest number of whom are citizens of Poland and Ireland. First of all, deportation threatens 6 thousands of prisoners who have served a prison sentence.

According to the European legislation, it is impossible to forcibly deport criminals to their country of origin. This circumstance has caused dissatisfaction with the British government and became one of the main arguments used by the skeptics in the campaign before the referendum for the country’s exit from the European Union.

It is planned that on Monday, June 26, the Prime Minister of Britain, Theresa may will present a detailed plan regarding the rights of EU citizens to the UK after Brexit.

On 23 June the British government promised that the Europeans have legally entered the territory of the UK before the end of the procedure, Brexit and lived there for five years, will be able to remain in the country after its exit from the EU, benefiting from equal rights with the British. In the areas of employment, health care and utilities.