The Pentagon wanted to legalize their covert operations through the UN

United States advocate for inclusion of regional branches of extremist groups al-Qaeda and “Islamic state” (both banned in Russia) in the list of terrorist organizations of the United Nations. This was told by senior sources in the Russian diplomatic circles, according to “Izvestia”.

“Sharply opposed, in particular, Egypt, which is struggling with “al-Qaeda” in the Sinai Peninsula. In Cairo believe that the inclusion of the regional offices of international groups in the list would mean the recognition of the inability of the authorities to cope with the threat on their own,” — said the source publication.

He also added that skeptical to the idea and are in Russia as terrorist groups affiliated with “al-Qaeda” or “Islamic state”, as a rule, few and government is unable to cope with them independently.

In the case of the adoption of this proposal Washington, in accordance with us law, will have the opportunity to initiate a special operation on the territory of foreign States. Currently, the U.S. military have the right to carry out various actions against terrorist groups if they are recognized as such by the UN.