The bus with the Cossack ensemble turned in Irkutsk region

In Slyudyanka district of the Irkutsk region happened accident involving a bus transporting artists of the state song and dance ensemble “TRANS-Baikal Cossacks.” According to “Baikal info” with reference to press-service GU MVD of Russia in the region, the incident happened on Monday, June 26.

The vehicle during the descent along the serpentine crashed into a concrete barrier and overturned in a ditch. As told to “Interfax” head of press service of the interior Ministry of the German Struglin, the bus was carrying 31 passengers. Two of the victims in the accident were hospitalized, no fatalities.

It is known that the bus was heading to the TRANS-Baikal region of Kuitun district of the Irkutsk region.

Meanwhile, a representative of the press service of the Ministry of health of the Irkutsk region has told RIA Novosti that the accident really was not a Cossack ensemble, and children’s creative team. It also noted that of the 30 people injured 15, one of the kids was seriously hurt.

Today the team of “TRANS-Baikal Cossacks”, which involved more than 40 people, consists of three creative groups — orchestra, choir, ballet. According to information on the website of creative enterprises, the ensemble was formed 25 years ago.