Al Qaeda released a hostage from Sweden after six years of captivity

The head of the Ministry of foreign Affairs Margot wallström

Terrorist group “al-Qaeda” (banned in Russia) has released a Swedish citizen Johan Gustafsson. This was announced by the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Sweden in a specially released statement.

“With great pleasure I can announce the release Johan Gustafsson”, — quotes BBC News the head of the Ministry of foreign Affairs Margot wallström. Currently, the man sent home. When and where was it released, not reported.

The man together with two citizens of South Africa were captured by the group “al-Qaeda of the Islamic Maghreb” Mali in 2011. One of the South Africans in 2015 was accidentally discovered by French troops during a RAID in the business quarter in the North of the country.

In Mali in 2012, the civil war began. It was attended by tribal militias of the Tuareg, Islamists, armed opposition groups and units of government forces. In 2013, the country was introduced by the French troops, who managed to stabilize the situation and to discourage the rebels earlier captured key cities. The attacks of the jihadists is still going on.