Putin is not against granting MES new powers


RIA Novosti

Russian President Vladimir Putin agreed with the proposal of the Ministry of emergency situations to give the Agency more control over the payments to victims in emergency situations.

“Need not mind, it is necessary to look only to lawyers, to speak it. But, I think, part of your responsibilities, associated with the elimination of consequences of emergency situations, perhaps it can be done. In any case, you need to discipline. With regard to individual subjects, then I know the money there came a day straight line. But in the accounts the money was there, in the Stavropol region, up to 6 billion, in my opinion, the accounts were. And knowing that the translation is provided wholly, and could begin this work in a timely manner,” said Putin at a meeting with members of the government.

The head of state noted that the MOE also needs to observe what is happening and to continue to effectively work on the determination of the amount of damage suffered.

“We all know that without appropriate results of work of the commissions final decision will not be accepted. It should therefore be done as quickly as possible, not to delay,” he said.