The elimination of landfill in Balashikha found it impossible without the support of the Federal authorities

Moscow region authorities have reacted promptly to the installation for the elimination of landfill in Balashikha, but to solve it in an accelerated mode without the support of the Federal center is not possible. This opinion was expressed by the President of Fund “the Petersburg policy” Michael Vinogradov edition of “the suburbs today” on Friday, June 23.

“To expect that any solution can be implemented without funding and no organizational charts within just hours, not count — he says. — The topic of waste management is complex and requires significant technological investment, money, accounting, public opinion, logistics.”

Vinogradov notes that the Governor of the Moscow region Andrei Vorobyov and so are working to resolve the problem, however, as planned. “The situation was put to additional dynamics in order not to accumulate some tension in relations with Federal authorities,” — says the expert.

A day earlier the authorities of Moscow region has suspended the landfill “Kuchino” in Balashikha, after President Vladimir Putin ordered to close the landfill. The Minister of ecology and natural resources Sergey Donskoy said that the landfill will close no earlier than 2019, the year, however, the head of state, this period was not satisfied.

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On Friday, local authorities said that solid waste from the “Kuchino” will be distributed in Noginsk, Mozhaisk, Klin and Lyuberetskiy district of the Moscow region. The location of the landfill after reclamation, according to them, can be used, in particular, under the mountain slope or the extreme Park.

June 15 residents of Balashikha in the direct line with Putin complained that the landfill is almost very close to their homes. The Governor immediately went to the scene. He stated that the landfill must be closed in 2021, but the government will take all efforts to speed up the process.

The TV channel “360” posted a video from the landfill, filmed from the air.

Video: Channel 360