For medical aid after falling hail in the Republic of Khakassia turned five

For medical aid after falling hail in the Republic of Khakassia turned five

ABAKAN, June 23. /TASS/. Five people sought medical help after the large hail that fell Thursday in the area of lake bele — traditional tourism vacation zone of the Shira region of Khakassia, said on Friday the Republican office of civil defense and emergencies.

“June 22, 2017 in the area of bele lake Shira district recorded case of the falling hail. For medical assistance to five people, the assistance rendered on an outpatient basis. Also was damage to roofs and glazing of cabins and private cars,” — said the Agency.

At the direction of the Chairman of the Republican Commission for emergency situations Vladimir crafting the Republic continues to assess the damage caused by hail. This work is planned to involve police and insurance companies. “Taking into account the fact a large number of tourists from other regions, victims should promptly get your hands on a properly and fully executed documents for obtaining insurance payments by place of residence”, — explained in management GO and CHS.

Hail chicken egg

As reported in social networks eyewitnesses, the hailstones reached the size of chicken eggs was so strong that it left dents on the vehicle, punched the glass and damaged the roof covering tourist homes.

According to the national government, also affected the roof of socially significant objects — kindergartens and schools. “Now their number is specified,” — said TASS press Secretary of the head of Republic Nikolay Denisov.

Also, the element of inflicted damage to a number of settlements and farms Shira and Bograd districts. In particular, damaged social facilities and houses in the villages of the Shire, Gates, Malyy Spirin, virgin. As a result of squally wind has been a power outage in the settlements of Shirinsky district. Now power supply is restored, with the exception of settlements Mandal, virgin (28) and Shira (five houses). The disaster also affected the agricultural land.

Week of bad weather

On the house of culture in the village of Shira deployed temporary accommodation of citizens with a capacity for 500 people. “In the Synoptics, there are fears that the situation could be repeated,” — said Denisov.

Earlier it was reported that on Wednesday evening on the Republic was hit by heavy storm, because of which power supply has been disconnected for more than 21 thousand people.