A fire in a London skyscraper became a faulty fridge

A fire in a London skyscraper Grenfell Tower, killing 79 people, has become faulty fridge. On Friday, June 23, citing a police report, reports BBC News. The fire started in the freezer.

It is also noted that outer skin of the building has not passed the required tests. That it can be made of combustible materials, mentioned before.

The police will consider the issue on initiation of proceedings under article “Causing death on imprudence”. The guards confirmed that we are not talking about deliberate arson.

Earlier residents of the area, which was Grenfell Tower, was troubled by the behavior of tourists doing selfies against the backdrop of charred skeleton of a building. They surrounded the fire with posters, urging to refrain from such behavior and a reminder that this place of tragedy, and not an attraction.

The 24-storey building located in the West of the British capital, caught fire on the night of 14 June. The skyscraper, which was 150 apartments, burned almost completely. According to recent reports, the missing and the dead recognized by 79 people.