The author of the torture methods of the CIA spoke about the work of the government

Psychologist Bruce Jessen, the author of the techniques used by the CIA for “enhanced questioning techniques” sometimes classified as torture, told about how cooperating with the authorities. Its words transfers Associated Press.

“Every day I was told that in the US explode a nuclear bomb. I demanded from them, that they’re behind me, and they said that it would be on my conscience,” he explained, giving testimony in the case against him that was filed by a non-governmental organization “the American Union of protection of civil liberties” on behalf of the victims of CIA interrogation.

Jessen agreed, and it combines with psychologist James Mitchell, the company received from the government $ 81 million on the development of methods of legal torture.

According to doctors, Washington decided to go with them to cooperate, because they had previously taught the us military to withstand torture. And Jessen, and Mitchell went on overseas bases CIA to conduct interrogations.

Mitchell also reported that participated in the project not for money but out of patriotism. “I did my duty, got up and went to war. And do it again,” he said. According to the psychologist, he and his family received threats because of the cooperation with the secret service.

The Agency emphasizes that the former President Barack Obama in 2009 broke the contract with psychologists. The study Commission of the Senate of the United States, conducted in 2014, showed that the methods of Mitchell and Jessen did not bring great fruits in the fight against terror.