The head of the Austrian foreign Ministry called for the closure of Muslim kindergartens

Sebastian Kurz

The Austrian foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz called for the closing of the Muslim kindergartens in the country. On Wednesday, June 21, according to the newspaper Kurier.

“Kindergartens should prepare children for school so they could speak German, and so-called Muslim kindergartens differ along ethnic and linguistic lines. We don’t need them. Muslim kindergartens to be, we don’t need,” said Kurtz during a speech at the discussion club, which was organized by the newspaper. He added that such institutions are isolated from society both culturally and linguistically.

TASS notes that currently only one in Vienna about 10 thousands of Muslim children attend different kindergartens. In this connection the Minister has suggested to toughen requirements to knowledge of German language to the nurses and teachers, so they are better able to teach children.

In July 2016, the Supreme court of Austria ruled that the proper dismissal of the employee for wearing the burqa.