Australia announced the resumption of air strikes on Syria

Australian authorities announced the resumption of air strikes on Syria. On Thursday, June 22, according to Reuters.

On the suspension of attacks on Syria, Australian Ministry of defense announced Tuesday. This happened in connection with the downed U.S. air force Syrian fighter and the ensuing reaction of Russia.

The Department then noted that “temporarily ceased operation following the precautions.”

“At the moment the suspension is cancelled”, — specifies the Ministry of defense. When the Australian forces intend to resume air strikes, the Ministry does not specify.

The evening of 18 June, the Ministry of defense of Syria said that the plane, the air force was shot down near Raqqa during the execution of the task against the militants. The pilot managed to save. The coalition led by the USA, confirmed the destruction of the aircraft, specifying that he dropped bombs in the vicinity of the positions of the armed forces “forces of the democratic Syria.”

According to the defense Ministry, the su-22 had carried out a fighting task in 40 kilometers to the southwest of Raqqa and was attacked by American fighter F/A-18.

Russia considered the incident an act of aggression and support for terrorists, after which it was terminated cooperation with the USA in the framework of the Memorandum of safety.

The Pentagon announced that the United States intend to change the zone of flight of its warplanes over Syria.

The international coalition led by the United States acts in Syria since September 2014. The operation is performed without the consent of Damascus.